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Intel's portfolio of advanced technology and artificial intelligence is empowering leading healthcare innovators to create new, data-driven solutions that are dramatically re-shaping the boundaries and precision of healthcare delivery.

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Zhejiang DE Image Solutions Company and Zhejiang University partnered with Intel to deploy a deep learning solution that identifies thyroid nodules and classifies them as benign or malignant. Read More
Aier Eye Hospital Group and MedImaging Integrated Solutions use an Intel-based deep learning solution to help improve screening for two common causes of preventable blindness. Read More
With the remote care market growing 44 percent in 2016 alone, data is available like never before. The Intel® Health Application Platform helps enable innovation for greater adoption and effectiveness." Read More
Big data analytics and IOT technologies provide the critical backbone to enable telemedicine providers to improve security, device interoperability, treatment decision making, solution scalability, and access convenience. Read More
See how Intel and Broad Institute can help with genomics analysis throughput. Read More
A data-driven approach to transforming care delivery. Read More

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Intel is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of essential products and technologies that power the cloud and an increasingly smart, connected world. Intel delivers computer, networking, and communications platforms. We are expanding the boundaries of technology through our relentless pursuit of Moore’s Law and computing breakthroughs that make amazing experiences possible.

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