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Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides healthcare organizations with secure, reliable, low-cost IT infrastructure in the public cloud. Hundreds of thousands of customers in 190 countries rely on AWS for their healthcare needs, whether it is to build a healthcare analytics pipeline, or deploy their ERP solution in the cloud. Learn more:

Amazon Web Services Resources

Healthcare organizations are turning to cloud-based analytics to help them better understand their current operations and identify strategic growth opportunities Read More
This case-driven solutions brief shows how one hospital accelerates its IT development projects in a way that scales intelligently and keeps protected health information secure. Read More
The cloud can help with data management not only as it pertains to large, complex analytics, but also potentially as a complement to such emerging technologies as machine learning and artificial intelligence. Read More
Learn how Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services, one of the nation's largest HIEs, improved after it transitioned from a collocated data center to the cloud.  Read More
There are three compelling reasons why CIOs are making the investment to migrate to the cloud, while avoiding having to switch to unfamiliar tools or to create a new silo to manage. Read More
This executive summary shows how cloud services can enable such exciting new opportunities as powering complex, data-intensive demographic studies. Read More
This executive summary highlights how game-changing cloud technology is allowing industry stakeholders to work together in a simple, coordinated and innovative way. Read More
As this executive summary shows, the cloud offers many advantages over an on-premise IT infrastructure from a security standpoint. Read More
Increasing electronic health record adoption, proliferating connected healthcare devices and advances in imaging technology are all exponentially increasing the volume of digital imaging data. Read More
This whitepaper predicts that healthcare will need the cloud in order to deliver on the value, analytics and collaboration likely to play a key role in the industry's future.  Read More
Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a wide array of tools that help organizations with operational and cost efficiencies. However, if you have healthcare data that must be protected per HIPAA regulations, you have a host of different challenges.   Coal Fire, will help give an auditors perspective to compliance within AWS. You’ll better understand where the cloud providers responsibilities end and yours begin, and how a solution such as Armor can help reduce the burden of the shared responsibility model.   Read More
US healthcare reform, increasing patient expectations, exponential data growth, and the threat of cyber attacks are forcing healthcare providers to re-evaluate their data management strategies. Healthcare providers are responding to these demands by leveraging Amazon’s AWS Cloud to enforce lifecycle management, employ cost-effective, scalable storage and un-trap data for operational and quality insights. Read More
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