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Microsoft provides the intelligent services and trusted platform for solutions that engage patients, empower care teams, optimize clinical and operational effectiveness and transform health in the face of increasing cost pressures.

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There’s no shortage of data available to the health industry. Yet most organizations struggle to turn data into action that can reduce cost pressures, streamline operations, speed innovation, and improve outcomes. Read More
University of Michigan joins Aspect® to discuss how Aspect® Patient Engagement™ leverages Microsoft Dynamics 365 to help drive better outcomes for patients struggling with chronic diseases. Dr. Read More
Interaction with systems in more natural ways can have a huge positive impact. Today’s current landscape has patients and healthcare professionals using a mouse and keyboard to enter vital data into allegedly modern software.  Using newer technologies such as Bots, Speech and Image processing can be used in healthcare systems to solve problems, eliminate costly errors, and deliver greater value to your customers. Read More

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