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Pure Storage accelerates possible, transforming businesses in ways previously unimagined. The company’s software-driven, all-flash storage combined with a customer-friendly business model drives business and IT transformation through dramatic increases in performance and efficiency at lower costs. Pure leads the industry with a Net Promoter Score of 79.

Pure Storage Resources

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The Utah-based health system, known for staying ahead of the curve in developing and using technology, responded to user reports of a slowdown by replacing their hybrid data storage platform with a solution offering better efficiency, cost and performance. Read More
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This solutions brief shows how health systems moving to a value-based care model can benefit from all-flash storage, by offering universal access to images, accelerating image availability and enabling real-time image analysis. Read More
A Cincinnati-based five-hospital healthcare system wanting to reduce its IT costs and redeploy those savings to other projects (such as a more robust data analytics program and technology innovation closer to the point of care) transformed its datacenter to be more efficient and agile. Read More
This report shows how moving its mission-critical data and applications onto all-flash arrays has shortened their claims-processing times, reduced the time needed to run important batch processes by as much as half, and strengthened the security of patient data. Read More
Through interviews with five healthcare customers who shared their business objectives and outcomes, Forrester quantified the specific benefits, costs and metrics of a particular flash storage solution, as shown in this telling infographic. Read More
The reality in healthcare IT today is that we are fighting a day-to-day battle to keep up with demands for new apps, analytics, performance and mobility. Read More
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The University of Kansas Health System has reached exceptional levels of availability and performance with its Epic EHR environment by installing all-flash arrays from Pure Storage alongside Cisco UCS servers and networking.  As a result of this transformation, the health system has exceeded the Epic performance requirements, reduced downtimes, given application-development teams more flexibility, and slashed the time it takes to generate key reports.  This webcast will provide an overview of their transition, key decision points and lessons learned, and a look into their roadmap for the future. Read More
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