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Coupa transforms spend management by bringing everything together on a single, easy-to-use cloud platform. Unify spend processes across different categories, departments, regions, and systems and connect every buyer and supplier to a single source. When you can actually see and understand where your money is going, it’s easier to optimize spend at micro and macro levels. Coupa was born in the cloud and every module looks and feels the same, so you only have to learn how to use it once. Drive value with power applications for everything from spend analysis to strategic sourcing, and as we continue to build onto the Coupa platform your value will grow too. Plus, you can easily scale and expand to meet your needs today, tomorrow, and into the future. That’s the real value of a comprehensive approach to spend management.

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The healthcare business structure presents very limited avenues for cost control. With two of the largest areas of spend (labor and pharmaceuticals) being essential components of quality patient care, it can be very challenging to maximize the value of every dollar spent. Read More
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