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Hyland Healthcare delivers unparalleled content and image management solutions to address the clinical, financial and operational needs of Healthcare organizations around the world.

To make healthcare better, we:

  • Empower health providers to focus on their patients, payers to better serve members and administrators to streamline operations
  • Inform critical decision-making by securely delivering patient content from every corner of the extended enterprise when and where it’s needed
  • Simplify information access and insight, allowing clinical and business leaders  to harness all the ways they can positively impact patient wellness
Twenty to 30 years from now most of digital transformation will have been figured out. But to be one of those leaders and working with companies like Hyland who can really help figure this out is really exciting.
Kaelber, MD,
Chief Medical Informatics Officer,
The MetroHealth System

Hyland Healthcare Resources

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Working with Hyland Healthcare

Meet your partner in digital transformation. With technology this intuitive, organizations can focus on what they do best. Managing information doesn’t have to be complicated. Hyland Healthcare helps more than 2,000 healthcare organizations around the globe handle their most critical content and processes with flexible, configurable software solutions.

Getting started with Hyland

Designed to integrate seamlessly with existing HIT, our Healthcare Content Services provide you with the flexibility to implement departmentally and scale to the enterprise, offering you the ability to design a digital transformation roadmap that puts you on a path to better discover, manage, access, exchange and optimize disparate healthcare content. 

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