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Comcast Business provides advanced network services that are specifically built to support the growing data demands of the healthcare industry. We offer carrier-grade Ethernet solutions that serve as the backbone to a high-performing healthcare IT delivery chain. Our Ethernet services are robust, secure and scalable up to 10Gbps, making it ideal for supporting mission-critical healthcare applications – including cloud-based applications.

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This health IT ebook shows how patients, providers and payers can ubiquitously connect with both high-quality content and each other, ultimately to create better patient outcomes. Read More
As the healthcare industry moves to implement precision medicine in care delivery, healthcare systems are analyzing massive volumes of data toward the goal of increasing the accuracy and speed of clinical care. During this transition, healthcare IT managers are facing the challenge of managing different types of data to build systems that provide clear results to clinicians. Penn Medicine's Chief Data Scientist Michael Draugelis will share the lessons learned from programs that have been developed at Penn to deliver clear benefits in improving outcomes. Key highlights of the presentation will include how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can advance treatment and prevention as well as scientific and technical challenges for AI to be successful. Read More
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