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Marco puts the power of top-notch technology expertise to work for your business. We specialize in business IT services, copier/printer solutions and managed and cloud services. Our technology experts break down complex solutions into simple terms to position your business for success. Marco’s Managed Print solution can help your organization save up to 30 percent on printing costs, while meeting strict security policies. Learn more at

"In the five years since implementing Managed Print Services, we've realized a savings of over $1.95 million. Marco understands healthcare, how it differs from other segments and the importance of reliability in our print environment."
Director of IT,
CentraCare Health
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Through our assessment, we were able to reduce one healthcare organization's print fleet by 89 devices and reduce their costs by $350,000 to $400,000 per year. Read More
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Working with Marco Technologies

When it comes to printing, healthcare offers its own set of unique challenges. That’s why Marco’s Managed Print Services is such a great fit. First, we’ll help you rein in costs by eliminating redundant devices without sacrificing efficiency. Next, we’ll help you meet your strict security policies with print solutions that put important safeguards in place before sensitive information can be printed. Finally, because many healthcare organizations have more than one facility, we can help you integrate and manage your print fleet as a whole, while providing analytics and solutions for each separate location and department. That’s working smarter.

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Let's assess your healthcare organization's print environment to determine where there is room for cost, security or work flow improvement.

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