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Proofpoint protects your people, data, and brand from advanced threats and compliance risks across email, mobile apps and social media. We help you safely manage critical data as you send, store and archive it. And we give you the intelligence, insight and tools to respond quickly when things go wrong.

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This presentation will focus on current research that explains the most prevalent cyber attacks plaguing the healthcare industry, while outlining security technology that can best keep healthcare data secure given the increased exposure resulting from ransomware and phishing attacks.  Recognizing healthcare’s broad shift to O365 as a primary collaboration tool, we will also focus on the best techniques to protect data on this platform. Read More
The headline story of the threat landscape in 2016 was the explosive growth of ransomware and the massive email campaigns that distributed it to healthcare organizations around the world, disrupting care capability and causing direct financial losses. Cybercriminals shifted from reliance on automated attacks and exploits to integrated social engineering, increasing the impact and effectiveness of these campaigns. From email to social media to mobile apps, cybercriminals combined sophisticated, targeted lures with broad-based distribution to carry out social engineering at scale. Read More
Though Ransomware was the clear malware du jour for much of 2017, new Proofpoint research focused on the healthcare industry market suggests that this attack vector is subsiding, and that healthcare will have to pivot to address a rapidly evolving threat environment. Read More
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