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WinMagic, one of the most respected names in the data security business, encrypts over 8 million endpoints in 84 countries. Our award winning comprehensive encryption and intelligent key management solution is the best protection against sophisticated threats and data loss. SecureDoc by WinMagic provides everything encryption, securing data wherever it is stored by enabling a unified key management strategy across any end point and virtualized or Cloud IaaS environment.

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Another day, another breach. In a relatively unsurprising start to 2017, fines and settlements for HIPAA non-compliance are on track to break new records…again. Healthcare organizations are threatened by numerous attack vectors each and every day. New threats emerge. Old threats strike back. HIPAA-HITECH compliance is not a one-time project; it is an ongoing effort including regular risk assessments, updating procedures, adopting new technologies, controlling and monitoring access. We will discuss how IT leaders across the healthcare sector can take a proactive and engaged approach, and how encryption can help. Read More
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